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To know something interesting in poker and cheat at poker
2013-06-18 19:12

You may always play with poker card, and win or lose money in it. But do you know the growth of the poker cards? And do you know the interesting news in poker cards? I will let you know some of the poker interesting and introduce you some ways to cheat at poker.

People now use the cards, first appeared in the middle of the thirteenth Century in England, is used as a divination .Until the middle of the fifteenth Century, was formally finalized, divided into four groups.K patternon behalf of the king, Q pattern on behalf of the queen, J pattern representing the warrior.This reflects the British monarchy has been strengthened.Later, this divination tool was turned into a toy, the divination function which is gradually subsided, even forgotten.

Four color cards each have a different meaning in the.Today we are called "spade" hoe shape black pattern, then represents the olive leaf, which is the kind of leaves of dove's mouth.The dove story in "Genesis", meaning that the flower is peace."Heart" is a heart, it symbolizes wisdom also said love.The third kind of pattern "club" black trefoil, originated from a common grass -- clover.This grass is a three valve, or have four petals but very rare.Europe and the United States Customs, who discovered the four leaf clover, it will take the "good luck", so the clover represents happiness.Diamond "box" is actually a diamond shape, its meaning is wealth.

Poker is an epitome of the calendar.It is said that poker was compiled by predecessor in accordance with the seasonal knowledge.Four kinds of flowers represent spring、summer、fall、winter these four seasons  a year.Spades is the symbol of Spring bud leaves,Hearts like the peach ripe summer,Clubs on behalf of autumn leaves,Diamond as the winter ice cubes.These four colors, is for people in a year of good wishes.At the same time, hearts, diamonds on behalf of the day,spades and clubs on behalf of the night.

Fifty-four cards, fifty-two are genuine, it is all the number of weeks in a year.Two cards, two jokers representing the sun and the moon; each season is thirteen weeks, and group of thirteen a number of exactly the same; each season is ninety-one days, thirteen cards points together is just ninety-one.A four color points and with small joker, for three hundred and sixty-five days a year, if coupled with the big joker's point, it is just three hundred and sixty-six days a leap year.In addition, poker J, Q, K a total of twelve cards, which said there are twelve months in a year, and that the sun twelve constellations through in a year.

Want to cheat at poker is not a hard thing for everyone. Only you want to. In somewhere, cheat at poker is very common now. Players usd different way to cheat at poker, some use analyzer to let himself know who will be the winner, some use contact lenses to see the back marked poker card, some of them use monotor to know the mark on the back, and some of them use automatic shuffler to cheat at normal cards such as Baccarat. You only need to tell us what you want to cheat at and what purpose you want to achieve, that's all. The left thing we will do for you.


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