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One to one poker monitor system for poker cheating in casino
2013-06-20 16:38

    Poker monitor system is as one of the best poker cheating device in casino. The system is made up of spy pin hole camera, sender, transmitter, receiver, monitor, speaker, and earphone. Of course, the marked card is necessary.

    The marked cards in monitor system can not be seen by contact lenses. Some players using contact lenses and IR marked cards to cheat, but there are many people know this cheating, so it is not hidden. When use back marked card for monitor system, they can see nothing although they wear this kind of lens. And you can let the card to them to check, they will find nothing.

    The earlist monitor system is for black filter in the spy camera. And the marked cards are also for black filter. From the monitor, you can see the mark clearly and the poker face is also can be seen when face-up.

    The latest monitor system is for white filter in the spy camera. And the marked cards are only for the filter. The cards under black filter camera can not be seen, it is just normal cards.

    All values are sent by wireless. They can be sent out for 0.5Km. So you can see the marks out of the casino room. And you can tell the players result by speaker and earphone.

    Monitor system is in fact an one to one cheating device in casino. Only your monitor can see the marked cards. Others can not see them. If you are casino owner, you can choose this, and it is very help for you.

    Monitor system is good at cheating in Texas hold'em, Omaha, Blackjack, Lowball etc that cards face down and want to know the next cards is what.

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