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One to one cheating contact lenses for back marked cards
2013-06-20 16:45

     Cheating contact lenses are widely used in poker cheating. Many years ago, players use this device to cheat at poker and get a lot of money from gambling. While more and more player using them, they seemed not so hidden in the cheating area. But it is very convenient as you just need to bring a pair of contact lenses and a deck of poker. By using these, you can know the points and suits that though the cards facing down.
     If you want to use contact lens to cheat at card continue, how would you do? Don't worry, let me solve the problem for you.

     EYE electronic has research out the one to one contact lenses and now it is for sale. The cards are marked by special ink that old type of contact lenses can not see. And the latest contact lenses can not see the marks on cards for old type of contact lenses.

     The latest contact lenses are very useful and helpful for that worry about the old type gamblers. Some of the customer bought them and have good feedback. Although they can not see as clear as the old type of contact lenses, but really helped them a lot.

     The cards should be done by special process. We print the special ink onto the back of the cards and will give you the suitable contact lenses. With these, you can cheat safely.

     If you are interested in the latest one to one contact lenses and its marked cards, please contact us. If you want to cheat at cards and don't want to be found by others, please contact us.

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