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What's best for casino cheating
2013-06-21 14:40

      Poker games can be played both in casino and on-line by gamblers. We are good at doing cheat in casino and private for you. On-line poker games cheating is different from casino cheating. More and more casino owner has fixed the cheating device into casino for those who want to cheat at.

      In casino, there are many things put into the casino as furnishings and some safety things for firefighting such as smoke sensor, emergency lights and so on. And there are many things put on the table such as chip case, cup, poker shoe. These are can be done as our cheating tools in casino.

      So what's best for casino cheating? The first choice for you is analyzer system. Using analyzer, you will know who will be champion in the game. Analyzer is suit for a lot of kind games such as Texas hold'em, Omaha, Blackjack, Showhand, Lowball and so on. Using analyzer system need camera lens to work together. We have single camera lens, double camera lenses, four lenses, six lenses... and normal lens, HD lens, IR lens, short distance lens, far distance lens and so on. The distance of the camera lens can be ordered according to your require. The camera lenses can be hidded into cup, cell phone, the gambling table, tobaco box, lighter and so on.

     The second choice for you is monitor system. By using this system, you can see the marked cards that face down. This is suit for playing that some pieces of cards face down for example Texas hold'em and Blackjack. We can put the camera lens into smoke sensor, water dispensor and so many things.

     Of course there are other kinds of cheating devices suit for casino cheating. You should tell us the using environment and we can do for you. Just need you contact us.


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