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Cheating history
2013-06-24 17:20
You may always play in casino when gambling. Casino can offer you the enviroment for playing and can offer you all kinds of poker things including cheating device. Cheating is also a long history thing in the world. You may hear them for sometime, but do you really know them?
Most people who are cheated at poker have no idea they’ve been swindled, and those who suspect it rarely have any idea bow to think about it. They may have heard of marked cards, but beyond that they have no concept of the range of diabolical scams that can be perpetrated on the unsuspecting player. Consider 52 ways a course in bow to think about it: stay with me and you’ll learn what can be done, bow it’s done, how it’s done, and in many cases, how to do it.
  Is this unethical? lmmoral? Will the secrets within these pages spawn a plague of cheaters? Well, the skinny is here, there’s no denying that. The high-jumping trickster brain got busy on card cheating about five minutes after cards were invented in the late-fifteenth century, and hasn’t stopped thinking about it since. The legacy is a 600-year-old trail of moves, methods, scams, and subterfuges devoted solely to solving one problem: how to sit down at the table with your fellow card players and steal their money without appearing to do anything out of the ordinary. And that, I should say right off, is what interests me in the subject; not the stealing or the money, but the methods, the illusion making, the false appearances, the psychology of deception, and all the multiple layers of reality what go on at the poker table whenever cheats ply their invisible trade.
  As for the ethics of revealing the secrets, the fact is that knowledge alone does not a card cheat make. Also needed are enormous cojones, a willingness to put life and reputation on the line, and the total absence of conscience or scruples. Those who already possess these attributes, it seems to me, need no help from me in getting started. On the other hand, knowledge of methods is the only real way to defend against card cheats. It’s not foolproof the most imaginative cheaters are always a step ahead but it’s he best defense there is, other than not playing at all.
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