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Card cheats and their methods
2013-06-25 16:27
     Poker cheating and anti poker cheating is a pair of opposite words. In real poker game, you should know anti poker cheating first and then if you do poker cheating, you will be successful.
     If all card players knew how to spot a cheat at work there would be no cheats.
     There are both amateur and professional cheats. I call the amateur by that name only because he is commonly a backalley pantaloon and bungler, not because he doesn't cash in on his crookedness.
     If all card players could detect a pack of marked cards, then marked cards would become useless and extinct.
     The only way in which cheating can be stoped or reduced is by every player learning to defend himself against it.
     The only way I can conceive of bringing this about is by the exposure of every known cheating method.
     I think I know them all. Here we go. In the following material I propose to detail every artifice, gadget, manipulation, distraction, and device used by cheats. If after reading them you still think you are being cheated at cards, let me suggest to you the joys of marbles and hopscotch.
     You can cheat at poker cards by using our cheating device, such as analyzer, monitor system, cheating contact lenses, cheating dice, cheating automatic shuffler, marked cards...
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