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Collusion or team cheating monitor system for back marked po
2013-06-25 16:32

  Cheating can be done by one player and also can be done by more than one player, cheated by more than one player we call the cheating collusion or team cheating. In the cheating, we can use our body-language to communicate each other, and we can also use cheating device to let player know how to play in the gameble.

  Collusion a team cheating is easily the chief threat to the average player. In its most basic form, secret communication through a set of prearranged signals, it requires no technical skill with cards, is virtually undetectable, impossible to prove, and can be utilized every hand since it doesn’t impossible to prove, and can be utilized every hand since it doesn’t matter who deals. In the parlance of old time card hustlers, exchanging information was known as “working the telegraph,” or “giving office,” an “office” being any kind of signal. This type of collusion is common wherever poker is played.

  The work: the cheats agree on a secret language –it can be spoken or silent-and use it to reveal hand strength, conspire on betting strategies, and analyze opponents’ hands. The conversation is conducted openly but invisibly. Charlie places a chip on his hole card. George adjusts his glasses. Translation: jack high flush. Beats my hand, Go for it. If cheats did nothing but exchange this kind of information, they would come out ahead. Here are the three most common applications.

   Monitor system is a kind of collusion or team cheating in gambling. We use monitor system to see the back marked poker, and then the backsupporter will know the suits and values of the cards that face down. And he / she will tell this to the player by speaker and earphone.  This is suit for the game that some pieces of cards that face down such as Texas Omaha, Blackjack, Showhand and so on.

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