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Easy way to cheat at poerk by hand the pick-up
2013-06-25 16:34

     This paragraph will tell you how to pick-up the card when the next time you are the dealer. Through this, you may get the best hand to yourself. This is one of the card trick and only need to use normal cards.     

     The pick-up is the sharper's most foolproof way of stacking the cards. It requires no special skill; it rarely fails; it is hard to detect. You're a cheater, and you're playing Poker. The next deal is yours. At the end of the game just concluded five hands were exposed. Examining them not too obviously, you have seen that in each of those hands is one card you'd like to have for yourself in the next deal. Let's say there are four jacks and a deuce, one card in each hand.

     So you stack the deck in such a way that you'll now deal those five cards to yourself. Impossible? Why, it's not even improbable. As dealer, you make it your business to pick up the cards on the table. You pick them up a hand at a time, and as you do so you put the card you want at the bottom of each group of five cards. Then you put all five hands together at the top of the deck, and, after some flummery about shuffling and cutting which you take good care to keep from disturbing the position of the top twenty-five cards, you deal. Naturally you get cards Nos.5,10,15,20,and 25, the four jacks and the deuce you want.

     That's darned near all there is to stacking as it's generally practiced. Professionals use it for most of the card games covered in our company.

     Isn't it very foolproof? I think if you'd like to try it sometimes, you may do it very smoothly. Of course, if you want to cheat at card by other methods, you can visit our other products to see what suit for you.

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