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Playing best hand and poker analyzer camera lenses
2013-06-25 16:36

   Every players in poker gambling may meet best hand and worst hand, some body can let the worst hand to win the game, do you think so? And some one get good hand but he can not win, as he donot know other player's hand. Let's see the following:

   Every time the cards are dealt, the cheats “discuss” which of them holds the superior hand, and the other player drops out. In the short run the team may win or lose that particular hand, but in the long run they always come out ahead. As Darwin Ortiz points out in his classic gambling scams (1984) playing best hand is tantamount to being dealt two poker hands while everyone else receives only one, and then having the option of which hand to play. Obviously, the superior hand has the better chance of winning the pot, but perhaps not so obvious is the possibility that the weaker hand is a strong, playable hand that would normally remain in the game until the end only to lose. By not playing the hand, the cheats end up with more money in their collective pocket at the end of the night.

  Put another way, playing best hand doubles the chances of winning and reduces the losses by half. Every time an honest player wins the pot, he’s being cheated. As simple as the scam seems, it is very powerful.

  A relative of best hand is “playing cousins.” A group of cronies who hang out in the same casino or public card room tacitly agree not to compete with each other, but to target the steady stream of tourists and clueless amateurs who make the mistake of sitting at their table. These players have no financial stake in each other. They don’t split profits at the end. What they do is get out of each other’s way, agree not to bluff each other, and let the one can be as simple as one player signaling his cohorts, “I've got a pair of aces –if you can't beat me, fold.” Again, the honest player is cheated because the pots are never what they would be if every man played for himself.

   If you know every player's hand range, you of course can win the game or bet on the game confidently. How will you know? Poker analyzer and monitor system or contact lenses can help you. For poker analyzer, we have all kinds of camera lenses, long distance camera lenses, short distance camera lenses, spy camera lenses, pinhole camera lenses, one to one camera lenses and so on. You can choose one you want from EYE electronic!


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