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Stacking the cards to cheat at cards and other way of cheati
2013-06-25 16:43
     Stacking the cards is a skilled way to cheat at cards. And few players may know how to do it and make it perfect.
     There is the popular delusion that when a deck is stacked, for example, when certain cards have been put in certain positions in the pack for a crooked purpose, every card is in its special place and the gambler knows exactly where it is.
     The sharper does not live who can riffle the pack and retain in his memory the location of every card. Nor does the sharper live who can stack five or more cards for two or more hands ¨C without previous preparation of the pack.
     The truth is ¨C and remember it, whether your name is a beery bout of Showdown in a ginmaill or the most recondite Contract Bridge at an uptown club¡ªthat a cheater can clean up by knowing simply the location of a very, very few cards. As a matter of fact, knowing ¨C absolutely knowing ¨C the position of just on card of the fifty ¨Ctwo will give the skilled cheater an amazing advantage.
     Never overestimate a crook. Don't it expect him to work miracles. Just expect him to work, hand in and hand out.
     We would like to advice you to use cheating device to cheat at poker cards such as poker cheating analyser with edge marked card, contact lenses with back marked cards, you can know the suits and values of the cards.
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