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The overhand stack for new gamblers who want to cheat
2013-06-25 16:46

     If you are a new gambler and you want to be a cheater, you should know something foolproof methods to do the cheats. Here is some simple for you to follow.

     The overhand stack is the stumblebum cheater's best friedn. It is used, I've observed, in kibitzing cards from here to Mexico and back the long way, more extensively than perhaps any other stacking device. It doesn't involve as much skill as the riffle stack or as much risk as the pick-up.

     The cheater places on the bottom of the deck the cards he wants. Then he shuffles the cards, slipping one card off the bottom of the deck and one card off the top at the same time. The shuffle goes from the right hand to the left, and this stack is ececuted once for each card you want stacked. As your left hand takes the top and bottom cards, you shuffle out of your right hand two cards fewer than the number of players in the game. When the correct number of cards have been stacked, the cheater throws the cards in the left hand on top of the cards in the right, and the deck is ready for the deal as described under the pick-up stack.

     For new players, you can even use cheating device to cheat in poker. EYE electronic offers you multifarious of cheating tools such as poker cheating analyser, analysis soft, poker reader, poker exchanger, poker converter, monitor system and so on. Contact us and choose one suits for you and I am sure it will help you a lot.

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