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Bottom Deal cheater and how to prevent from cheating
2013-06-26 17:45

   A good poker cheater can let the poker be dealt into himself good hand. Some one can deal bottom cards, we call them bottom dealer. Some one can deal the second card, we call them second dealer. This paragraph will introduce you the bottom dealer:

   Bottom dealers,called base dealers by crooks,will win your money in a hurry.Even though it takes years to lear the skill,there are entirely too many peactitioners floating around.
The mottom dealer saves time because he doesn’t have to fuss around stacking the crads.He puts the cards he wants on the bottom of the deck,preferably by some such device as locating them yhere when picking up the previous deal’s melds and wreckage,and he leaves them there through some phony shuffle.Then-it’s easier said than done-he deals your cards off the top and his off the bottom.There’s foolproof defense against him.It’s the Scarne cut,which loses the carefullyined bottom cards away up in the middle of the pack.

    Nearly all bottom dealers use the mechanic’s grip on the pack;so you can be suspicious when you lose consistently to a man who holds the deck this day.

    How will you do if you meet such a dealer when you can not do card trick better than him. We advice you to use poker analyzer to do card cheat. Or use our latest monitor--cell phone monitor. By using this, you know the next card he want to deal, or you will find if he is in cheating. You may know the next card deal for you and you can judge whether it is suit for you. You can use the cheating device for anti-cheating for yourself.


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