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Collusion or team cheaing with prevention and detection
2013-06-26 17:48

  Collusion or team cheaing are usually seen in our gambling life. Do you know its prevention and detection? Let's see it together.

  Collusion is tough to beat. Playing best hand is virtually undetectable. The cheat who folds with a strong hand makes sure to bury is cards in the muck, leaving no evidence. And while it's not difficult to recognize that you're caught in a crossfire, proving collusion is almost impossible. There are, however, precautions to take and telltale signs to watch for.

  First, at the risk of stating the obvious, never sit down at a card room or casino table where you’ve observed the same cast of characters always playing together. Second, during the course of a game be on the lookout for patterns of illogical betting. When a player habitually raises and then folds, an alarm should sound. What gives? Was he bluffing? Was he pumping up the pot for a partner, or trying to steamroll the competition? Was he a total idiot at cards? We can’t be certain because we never see his hand. And that, precisely, is what should trigger the alarm. Lots of betting and we never see the cards. Likewise, be wary of the player who habitually bets a bundle and when called has nothing to show for it. The sane questions apply. The red flag is not a single in stance of illogical play, but a pattern. The less sense the betting. The less sense the betting makes in retrospect, the more likely you're being screwed. Do the math and get out of the game.

  Last, you might heed the advice your mother gave you and never play cards with strangers. But even that is no guarantee of an honest game.

  By knowing this, you may find that it will help you a lot to your gambling life. By the way, you can use our cheating machine or cheating device to cheat at cards. Things will be getting better if you are in cheating.

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