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Luminous Readers luminous ink marked poker cards IR contact
2013-06-26 17:52

   Luminous ink print onto the back of poker, after drying, you can see nothing without IR contact lenses. Cheaters can use this to cheat at poker. Luminous readers including contact lenses, sunglasses. You can use them to see the back marked cards with luminous ink.

   There are so called because they are marked with an ink invisible to the naked eye and are supposed to be legible only with special glasses or a special visor.Strictly a sucker’s item,there are abvertised by the manufacturers of crooked gambling supplies as being the lasrt word.When you send your $10 or $15 you receive by express(these boys don’t use the United States mail) a red-backed pack of cards that have been gone over very lightly with a green pencil.A large number is made to denote the card’s value.Along with this you get a cheap pair of glasses with red-tinted lenses.The theory is that green mark will blaze out for you alone.

    Professional cheaters wouldn’t be caught dead with such junk.But in case you encounter some imbecile who has bought them and is trying to get back the moeny he paid for them,borrow his glasses or his visor,and look at the cards yourself.

    EYE offers these cheating devices all over the world. You can send your cards here to process and if we have your cards, we can send you the processed cards. Paper cards and plastic cards are can be processed with luminous ink.And the contact lenses, all kinds of level contact lenses we can offer. We can send our products all over the world, you just need to contact us.

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