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Middle card dealing get the best poker hand by analyzer
2013-06-26 17:52

    Dealers may have skill on cheating at the poker. A cheating dealer can deal the second card, the bottom card, and the middle card. Here I will tell you how to deal the middle cards:

    The chances of your colliding with a cheater who can deal cards form the middle of the deck may be calculated roughly at a million to one.To execute this deal smoothly is perhaps the most difficule of the moves of the modern card cheater.I happen,after twenty-add years of practice eight hours a day,to be able to deal middles without the move being detected;and so I assume there must be a few others who can do a competent job at it.On this assumption I ware you:when a cheater has mastered middle-dealing he is about as dangerous as a man can get with a deck of cards in his hands.He has by-passed the ticklishbusiness of shifting the cut.Assembling the cards after a hand and leaving the cards he wants at the bottom of the decj,he offers the pack to be cut.It is cut,sure’nough;but the expert crimpas a break where the two blocks of cards are put together again,and proceeds to deal himself from the middle of the deck the card or cards he needs to win.

    To deal the middle card is a hard work, if your skill is not so good enough, you will fail. But if you are a new player and you want to get the best hand into yourself, how will you do? You can use analyzer and it can tell you that how to cut the cards and then you will get the best hand. For example, after the deck shuffled, and the camera lens scan on the card stack, the analyzer will tell you a number such as 2, on hearing the number, you should cut 2 pieces of cards off and then deal them, you will get the best poker hand.

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