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Poker card skill to check cop and make you a poker cheater
2013-06-26 17:55

   Do you want to know something more about the poker cheating and the tricks in the poker gambling? Have you ever dreamed that one day you will become a cheater and win money from the casino from other gamblers? It is not too hard for you to achieve. Here I will tell you some skills to check cop poker cards.

   At the hazard of meddling with a prospering private-enter-prise small business,I’d better tell you about this chemical preparation which,smeared on the crook’s hand,makes a chip or coin abhere to his palm when he helpfully pushes a pot toward the winner of the hand."Here you are kid;they’re all yours,"he says,shoving the winnings across the table;only a dollar’s worth of chips or so per shove abhere to his hand when he withdraws it form this amianle gesture.Crooked gambling supply houses sell for this werid and lucratuve specialty a liquid chemical they call chek cop.But experienced crooks,always amateurs in the ture meaning of the word,make a thing of their own which they call check cop by heating a piece of adstuff.It works,Isn’t that all that counts?

   Some cheats cop chips with sleight of hand while pushing the chips to one side with the hand holding the cards.

   EYE electronic offers all kinds of poker cheating hardware and software and cheating skills and card tricks. All these things are very helpful for gamblers. Baccart and Texas hold'em, Omaha poker game, Blackjack and all other international poker games and local games are can be cheated. If you want to do the card cheat, please tell us and we will help you to do so.

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