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Recognize and dealing the second to cheat
2013-06-26 17:56

   A paragraph has already told you how to deal the bottom card in the poker gambling. Here I'd like to tell you how to deal the second poker card in a poker game. Maybe you have heard this card trick, but to know it once more and I think it will help you a lot:

   Any second dealer of standard model in good repair can and will take the best of honest card players.His name-ordinary gameblers callhim a second dealer and specislists of cheating call him a No.2 Man-describes exactly what he does,which is as followes:
The thumb of the left hand,in which the pack is held,pushes the top card forward as if to peel it off and deal it with the right hand.
But the thumb of the right darts in adn slides out the second card,the No.2 card instead.
The left-hand thumb then retracts the top card to square with the pack.It is a split-second co-ordinated act,and when it is dones skillfully,even just competently,it cannot be detected.

   Some cheats deal seconds with one hand.To do this without being detected,the cheatmust turn over the pack while pretending to deal the top card.
But second dealing is impossible and useless without marked cards,and herein lies your defense against this line of attack.
If the cards aren’t marked the talent isn’t worth a plugged nickel-unless the dealer peeks or uses a stacked deck.Dealing seconds is profitable only when the dealer finds a marked card at the top of pack and wants to by-pass it,savingit for himself or a confederate.
When you suspect this deal,make it your business to examine the cards,not too ostentatiously,for markings.

   Some one will mark the cards by some special things. Such as our marking ointment. When he mark the card and find it is stacked in the second of the deck, then he will deal the second card. To deal the second card, the dealer or the cheater should recognize the second cards first. If he don't know, that will be no significance to deal the second card. You can use our cheating analyzer to know the values and suits of the second cards or we can tell you the way to know the second cards.

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