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Strategy at High-Low Seven-card stud and IR contact lenses
2013-06-26 17:59

  Every poker card game has its own strategy. If you know the strategy, you may win the game, but if you don't know, you just like the fish under someone's knife, waiting for killed. To manage a strategy will help you a lot in poker game.

  By far the soundest method of play at Hight Low Seven-card stud is to  play for low with the first three cards dealt.Because if you start with low cards,upi have a chance to wind up with a staight or possibly a flush or a staaight flush which will win hight for you,while at the same time you low cards may give you low hand and you many win the entire pot.

  Playing for high at the start,you may win high,but it is practically a foregone conclusin that you will never win low also.

  You may ask,"If most players play for low,isn't it a good idea for me to play forhight?" If you  are playing for low and a high card hits your hand, which automatically eliminates your chances for a possible straight or flush, you drop out.But when you're playing for high and hold a fairly high pair,you usuallly play right through.

  In brief,a player who insists on starting out wiwh a high hand must lose in the long run.

  Except strategy, there are also cheating. You may cheat at poker by some cheating devices. Such as High-Low Seven card stud, you can use illuminant ink marked card with IR contact lenses. Through the device set, you can see the mark clearly.

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