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Table talk and marked cards in gambling cheating
2013-06-26 18:00

  Cheaters have their own ways to let his team-mate know that how to bet or play the poker cards. But we have cheating device such as marked poker,cheating poker, poker analyzer, contact lenses and so on for you to know where you should bet.

 Most cheats are clever enough to invent their own signaling systems. But for those who prefer the tried and true, the literature of cheating is chock-full of methods, from “working the telegraph”- tugging on a wire strung under the table between the cheats-to miniature transmitters and receivers that deliver messages via tiny shocks or vibrations. Most of the serious cheats, however, avoid anything that could turn into physical evidence; they rely on verbal codes or embed their messages in gestures and body language. Many ingenious systems are possible. Consider the following:

  Anything that can pass for normal poker-table conversation can be used to code information. Phrases like “check,” “I check,” “I’m going to check,” can be signals to a partner to bet, fold, or raise. Specific cards are indicated by specific words. In one system currently in use the word “time?” indicates a ten. So when the cheat says “what’s the time?” he may be signaling for dead cards (anyone have a ten?) or revealing that he’s got one. Obviously, any word can be tied to any card, and with 52 easy-to use key words, it’s snap to ask for or reveal any card. Many a vaudeville mind reading act worked along the same principles.

   You can use your own signal to communicate with the team-mate, but you should know the result. How will you know? Of course cheating equipment and marked cards. Using the equipments you will know who will get the best poker hand before you bet. Or the cards that facing down.

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