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The glance in poker cheating and the force to win the game
2013-06-26 18:02

  There are many ways to cheat at poker and many ways to let your cooperator to know what you want to express. Once you are in cheating, or in team cheating, you may know many about the team work.

  This example comes from Robert Houdin’s card sharpers-their tricks exposed or the art of always winning. The code is based entirely on “glances” and the position of the mouth. To indicate a king, the cheat simply looks at his partner; to indicate a queen, he looks at an opponent; a glance at the pot signifies a jack, while looking across the room indicates an ace. Suits are coded by the position of the mouth; open, closed, upper lip on lower or lower lip on upper, indicating hearts, diamonds, clubs, or spades. To signal that he holds the jack, queen, and ace of hearts, the cheat “directs successively his looks on the play of the opponent, on the stakes, and on the opposite side, always keeping the mouth slightly open.”

  These systems represent the tip of the iceberg. Every card in the deck can be coded by how the cheat smokes a cigarette (how many fingers hold the cigarette, which hand it’s in, and in what part of the mouth), or by how and object, such as a cigarette lighter, is placed on the table within an imaginary grid. Actually, there’s no keeping up with the methods. What matters in the end are not the specifics of a code, but the recognition that signaling plays central role in many scams. To summarize: the cheat will use signals(1) to indicate hand strength in the context of “best hand” or “cousins” (4)to request a crossfire for or reveal “dead cards”; (4)to request a specific card to complete a hand; and (5)to disclose hole cards and discards, enabling accomplices to play with the maximum amount of information.

  Poker is an intereting game in the world, it suits for both young and old, man and women to play. Some one in order to get a lot of money from the gamble, they may cheat at it. If you want to win at the poker, you can also use cheating device.

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