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Second Dealing Box poker shoe poker dealer
2013-06-26 18:03

   When you are playing Baccarat or other games, you may use dealing box or poker shoe. We put the shuffled poker into the dealing box or poker shoe, and the dealer will deal the cards from it one by one. The second dealing box is one of the cheating poker shoe in the cheating area.

   The second dealing box is acrooked card box thea enables the cheater with minimum chance of detection to deal the second card instead of the top crad.It’s useful in dozens of card games.These boxes are made by nationally knowen manufacturers of crooked gambling devices,and sell for whar they’re worth to the cheater-say,$50 to $150.
Read what one manufacturer has to asy about this crude flimflam:

   "Oursecond dealing box is uesd for various card games.Skeleton type,it is substantially made,with a dull mickel finish which absolutely prevents any flash of the bottom card when dealing.This box bears the most rigid inspection,but at the same time the top card is always under control."

   The only thing thar is crooked-or has to be crooker-about this box is tahe it enables the top card to be shifted toward the inside edge of the bx,so that the cheat can take the other edge of the second card and deal it.The box is useful only with marked cards,since the point of dealing seconds is to hold back firsts for oneself.

   A second dealing box can be spotted instantaneously.Unlike other dealing boxes,whose tops are wide open,the second box has a solid sheet of metal on its top side.Through this sheet is a small hole to enable sliding cards out with the thumb while dealing legitimately-and sliding them back when dealing a second.If you ever get into a game in which the dealing box looks like the one just described,the odds are-let’s see,now-twenty-five to one that you’re playing with a crook.
   Second dealing box is a cheating device. An other cheating poker shoe is that we can fix the camera lens into it for analyzer system. Or we can fix the spy camera lens to see the mark on the edge for monitor system.

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