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Cheating methods card trick peeking cheating equipment
2013-06-27 17:42

   Cheating at poker is a familiar topic to the poker players. Cheating can be done in many ways by different methods. You can cheat the poker by trick and by devices. Peeking is one of the cheating trick among the poker cheating area.
   One of the cleanest and least detectable ways of reading a top card off the pack is by peeking.Some cheats pack while dealing a player a card,others peek when pretending to lppk at the face-down card of the hand.Peeking is used in mang card games,but is particularly effective in Black Jcak and Stud Poker.A good peeker and second dealer is poison to any card game.To detect peeking,suspect a player who continually keeps looking at his face-down card.

  Spotting the next to the top card of the stock pile by lifting the sceond card while picking the first card is used by both the bungler and the expert cheat,particularly used in Gin Rummy and other Rummy games,dan in Teo-Handed Pinochle when drawing feom the stock.Keep your eyes on the player who seems to hesitate always when picking from the stock.
    Marked cards|gambling cheat|Casino cheat|invisible ink|poker reader|poker chips|Card read|poker analyzer|perspective poker are our cheating devices, very useful and plenty. You can choose one best for you to use.

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