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Cheating means cheating methods scarne poker cut
2013-06-27 17:46

    Learn more knowledge about poker cheat, will enrich your experience and increase your skill. Here will tell you what's the scarne cut.

    This is a cut which I inveneted during World War II for the defensive use of men in the armed forces.It will work against any of the ruses set forth above,with the exception of the cold deck switched in after G.I.Joe millions of dollars between 1942 and 1946.

This is how the Scarne cut works:
1,Pull a block of cards out of the center of the pack.
2,Place them on top of the pack.
3,Do it again,and again,and as many more times as you like.
4,Then-and then only-square up the pack,and cut it in the regular manner.

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    Properly and regularly used,this cut will prevent or neutralize most cold-deck switches(most,not all),stacked cards,the crimp,false shuffles,false cuts,dan shifts.At the very least it will give your crooked opponent enough to mini mize his effectiveness.It may frighten him into getting out of the game or,worse,into playing honestly.

    There are many ways for you to cheat at poker, you can do it and have a try!

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