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A note as to responsibility at reddog wonderful cheating
2013-06-27 17:51

Poker gambling can be seen everywhere in the world. You can see gamblers join together to play all kinds of games such as Texas Omaha poker game, Blackjack, Low ball , Baccarat and so on. In our opinion, every poker game can be cheated by different ways. It is up to the dealer to keep strack of the bets.


When a player,having examined his cards most judiciously,has placed his bet-which he does by placing the amount bet, in cash, up close to the pot-the dealer deals the top card off the pack, and turns it face up the table before the better whode turn of play it is.


1.If the better holds a card of the same suit as the top card but of higher numerical value or rank, he shows that superior card,and wins the bet;and the dealer removes from the pot for him an amount equivalent to that player's bet.

2.But if he does not hold a higher card of the same suit as the top he loses the bet,and the dealer aweeps his bet into the pot.

When all players,including the dealer,have had their turn of play, the deal passes to the player at the dealer's left.If any money remains in the pot at that point,there it stays-only now the players ante again to make it bigger.

If the pot gets so big that the players are financially or morally unable to bet it, they may by mutual consent split it among them. Thereupon they ante anew.

You can also cheat at poker by hardware. We have poker cheating deivce such as contact lens with back marked card, monitor system with back marked cards, analyzer for edge marked cards, automatic shuffler for normal cards when you want to play Baccarat. And other many ways for you to cheat. If you have a interest in the cheating, you are welcome to contact with us.

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