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Betting more than one card exactly you want and win
2013-06-27 17:52

Most players have more than one bet on the layout at the same time; and so there are althernate methods of placing a bet at that one gamble an cover more than one card at a time.

But should any of his designated cards lose,the player loses the entire amount of his bet on the layout, and must cover his remaining bets again if he still wants to pay them.

Example:The player has placed $5 in such a position as to cover the ace-deuce-king.This means he has $5 bet on the each of these cards.Now should the ace turn up a loser,the dealer takes the $5,and the player must bet again if he still wants to cover the duece and king.

But should the turn come up with the ace a loser and the king a winner, then the bet is obviously a atand-off.

How will you know where you should bet, especially more than one way? Don't worry now. Poker analyzer will help you. On scanning on the cards'barcodes, the values are sent to the analyzer. The analyzer will tell you every poker player's range. For the best, the second, the third and the that you can bet more than one way exactly.

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