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Cheat at Akin and monitor system with marked cards
2013-06-27 17:54

The game of skin is dead even;that is dealer and player have exactly equal chances of winning.For that reason-that there is no percentage in the dealer's favor-the house runs the game instesd of banking it.In return fir supplying a place and the equipment-plus a lookout-it extracts a 25 per cent charge from the player or dealing winning the last bet of the deal.(Variayion:Some house charge a flat 2 per cent on each bet won by a player feom the dealer and 2 per cent of the dealer's winnings on any deal-if there are any winnings.)


All the cheater has to know is what that top card will be,and he has the game and all the present cash tucked in his vest pocket.

So watch for: marked cards,second dealing,stacking,fake cuts,clod decks,the second-dealing box,and belly strippers,which are often used to clip the sucker on his own deal.

Monitor system is a new kind of cheating device in the world. You can use the system to see the cards' mark on the back clearly. Nobody will find out what cards you are using, if they check, the cards can be seen nothing. Monitor system is very important in casino cheating. More and more casino owner want to use the monitor as a cheating device or money make tools.

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