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Skills on betting at the cards and the safty way to cheat
2013-06-27 18:03

Should the player call the turn correctly, the pay-off is four to one.If he does not call it in exact sequence he loses his bet.There are six ways for the last turn to show up.

Should the last turn include two of a kind in the box,this is called a cat-hop.Obviously it is much easier to call this turn, so the pay-off is two to one.there are three ways for the cat-hop to show up.

Should the last turn be comprised of three of a kind,then players vet on the colors at the same odds as govern a cat-hop.

Example:The last turn has come up with three queens in the box,two red and a black.The playere bet on the red or black to win or lose.

Bets are placed in front of the dealer and called as to color.


If casekeeper is wrong as the last comes up and does not show there three cards in the box.then the dealer must check back through the winning and losing discard piles to correct the mistake.

If the dealer has made a mistake and the last turn shows only two cards,instead of three,then the turn is void,and no bets have action.

The safe way to do the card trick is using cheating device, if you use it, you needn't to worry about that you will make error on it. The analyzer will tell you the result 100% exactly. We offer you the best quality of analyzer and camera lens to cheat at poker. No matter what kind of games you are in gambling, you can manage it and get money from it.

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