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Cheating tools such as shiners and poker shoe
2013-06-27 18:03

   Many things can be done as a cheating device in poker gambling including a mirror. Can you imagine that a mirror be a cheating device? Let's see how it works:

   Shiners are nothing but mirrors,and they make me wonder again why gamblers have to invent mock-fancy synonyms for the crooked tools of their trade.These mirrors,generally very tiny,are built into rings,match boxes,pipes,coins,or anything else that will lie unobtrusively on a card table.A shiner in a pipe bowl,for instance,reffects the top card of a deck being dealt.Antidote:take a good look at ang object on the table when you’er losing.If you pick up a nicked and see your own face on it...

   We can also let a mirror into poker shoe, and you can see the second card's face. From the poker shoe, you will see the value and suits clearly. You can deal the second cards if the second is suit for you by dealer.

   Cheating devices are offered by us and we have customers all over the world. Some may ask how the cheating devices work, please contact us or look at our vedio.

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