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Players who steal from the pot cheater can do better than th
2013-06-27 18:06

  Someone may not cheat at poker but can also win or get the money from you, do you think so? In poker gambling casino, I meet some one do it like this:

  Always watch a player when he is putting money into the pot or taking change out of it. Some players have a cold-blooder habit of putting up less than they are supposed to; others do it unintentionally.These little swindles add up to large amounts during an entire poker session.Make sure players don't steal from the pot.

  It may be the pot you will win-which brings to my mind a player who use some"check cop" on his hand and when helping a winning player pull in his pot would steal a chip from the pot.He entered the game with ten chip,lost a pot which cost him foru chips,quit the game, and cashed in eleven chips (by stealing a chip out of five dif-ferent post). This player won money without winning a pot,had even lost one instead.Learn your protect your money.

  The player can steal the money from the pot is very clever. But although he do this he can not get a lot of money he want. The fast way to get a lot of money is from poker gambling. Cheating can help you achieve your purpose. Camera lens, spy camera for analyzer, one to one camera lens are the cheating input devices. You can choose an analyzer and a camera lens for yourself.

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