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A card trick the betting limit and betting cheat
2013-06-28 19:31

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The dealer-banker may establish his own limit,specifying the smallest and laigest amount
anyone may bet on any card.He may increaseor decrease his limits at will.The cutter collects winning bets for the dealer.He pays off his losing bets.If the dealer wins,he must pay the house its cut of 10 per cent of his winning on that deal.


The dealer shuffles the cards.Any players may remand the right to shuffle,but dealer may shuffle last.He then puts the cards in the center of the table to be cut by any player who want to cut them.Then the pack is squared and deposited in the card box face upward.The dealer does this.


The first two cards are dealt onto the table face up.and any player may lay a bet on either card. The first card, now visible on the top of the boxed deck,is the dealer's card.He does not remove it from the box until bets,if any,are made on the cards on the table.

By putting his money on a faced card,the player bets that this card will not matched before the dealer's is matched.

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