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Card skill of stat of the deal and cheating tools
2013-06-28 19:32

After the cut the banker deals two cards off the bottom of the deck, facing up these two cards and putting them in the center of the table two or three inches apart.Then the dealer takes two cards off the top of the deck,and puts them face up two or three inches below the first two cards about the same distance apart,forming a rectangle.Should the four faced cards comprise two or more cards of the same rank, there is a "no play," and new deal is in order.


A player may now bet on any two of the four faced cards, betting that one of them will be matched before the other.For his part,in accepting the bet, naturally the dealer is betting the other will be matched before the one the player has selected. Players may bet any one of the six posiible two-card combinations.The cutter keeps track of the players'bets.

The wager is commonly put (in cash)on that card on which the player is betting.(That's why the card are separated from each other.) As many players may bet on the same combination as the dealer,who is absolute boss of the game,will countenance.

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