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Dealer cheater help you to win the India poker game
2013-06-28 19:33

To cheat at India game, you can choose selecting the banker, or also you can choose selecting the dealer. Dealer is a very good cheater in casino. If you use good at it, they will help you a lot.

By mutual cinsent any player may shuffle the pack;then he places it in the center of the table.Any player may cut.The acting dealer squares the cut,and deals one card face up to each player in cluding himself,starting with the player at his left and rotating to the left,clockwise.This goes on until an ace is dealt;the player receiving it becomes the dealer.

On completion of each deal the deal rorates to the player at the dealer's left,and moves clocwise on the completion of each deal.


Each player puts in the center of the table a like amount of money,forming a pool called the pot.

Have good relationship with the dealer, will increase you the win odds. Most of the dealer know the cheating ways. And the casino owner will know the dealer will help them to cheat at the poker. Some of the India poker also have dealer to deal the cards. Let the dealer be the cheater is a good chance for you to win the game.

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