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Every player may deal the cards and tell you the trick to de
2013-06-28 19:35

In some poker game, the players can deal the cards himself. Have you ever meet this kind of poker gambling before?

If all players have busted,the dealer merely places his own cards face up on the bottom and deals a new hand.If any active player players are left, the dealer plays his hand.
1.He turns up his hole card so that all his cards are exposed.
2.If his count is 17,18,19,or20,the dealer must stay.
3.IF his count is 16 or less ,he must draw a card  and continue to draw until his count reaches 17 or more-at which point he must stay.If the dealer holds a soft 17,i.e.,a 17count which includes an ace,he must also stay.This also applies  to a soft 18, 19,or 20.
It is important to note here that the Black Jack dealer has no chioce as to weather he should stay or draw. His decisions are predetermined and known to the players.Since all the dealer's cards are exposed at his turn of play,he has no opportunity for any departure from these rules.
The rule requieing the dealer to hit on 16 or less and stay on 17,18,19, 20,and 21 is standard today in all casinos here and abroad.

In fact, if you use analyzer, you needn't worry about that, from the analyzer, you will know the result you want. If you have used the marked cards for analyzer and marked cards for contact lenses, you may know the value and suits that the cards face down.

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