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How to cheat at poker when there is a look out men
2013-06-28 19:36

When you are in gambling, there are many people around the table, for example, the dealer, the lookout men. Who's the lookout men? what he does in a gambling?

The lookout man sits to the right of the dealer on a high chair an watches the game.His duties are to see that all bets are paid correctly and that the game proceeds in an orderly way. His job is comparable to that of a floorman in the common casino.


To place a bet on a card to win, the player puts his money on the table's painted or enameled reprentstion of the card he wants.If the munber he bets is the exposed card which remains in the box, he wins the bet.All bets except those on calling the last turn are paid at even money.

If you want to cheat, how to avoid the lookout men? If the lookout men is around the table, you are hard to do the card trick, but you can also do the card cheating, you can still use poker analyzer to cheat at poker, as you use the analyzer, you will not need anybody's help, just yourself in enough. And you can use contact lenes with back marked cards and so on. All these are single operating cheating device, you needn't worry about be found.

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