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Selecting the dealer and cheating device to cheat at Russia
2013-06-28 19:38

Russian also loves playing cards in casino. Many players play the cards as their professional life. They alway work late in the night to gamble with other gamblers in order to get money from the gambling. If one always gamble in casino, he may know some cheating method, but if he is a new player, he will don't know. How to cheat at Russian poker?

BY mutual consent any player may shuffle the pack,then he puts it in the center of the table. Any player may cut.The acting dealer squares the cut,and deals each player including himself one card face up,starting with the player at his left and continuing clockwise until a player is dealt the first ace.That player becomes banker-dealer.When the pack is exhausted on the banker's deal,the bank passes to the player at his right,and so on counterclockwise.


To win a bet that the dealer's card or another player's card will be matched bofore your card.A card is matched when another card of its kind is dealt from the box. Example:Your card is the ace of spades.The dealer draws one of the three remaining aces from the deck in the box. Your card has been matched.You lose.


The baker-dealer shuffles.Any player may demand the right to shuffle,but the dealer may shuffle last.The player to his right cut.If he declines,any other player may cut.The dealer then squares the deck and puts it into the card box face down.

As I know, Russia plays Texas hold'dm and Omaha and Baccarat and many other local games in casino. I've made a lot of Russia local programs in analyzer according their request. Russia cards is not difficult, it is easy to cheat. We have the analyzer for Russina, you can know the result by Russion. Contact lenses and monitor system are widely used in Russia. Through these, you may know the mark on the back of the cards clearly.

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