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Skin cheating for poker gambling
2013-06-28 19:40

In my opinion the fastest gambling game played with cards.If you like to bet big and often,this is for you. It seems to be of Negro origin, is played mainly in the South and Middle West,and probably gets its name from its high incidence of bald cheating.However,it is so similar to Ziginette that Skin may merely be short for ziginette.Although it is a banking game,the house don't bank it; they just run it,and collect a fixed charge.


1.A deck of cards.

2.A card box.

3.A houseman who scts as lookout and cutter.

4.A banker and two or more players up to six,which is best.


The cards have no relative value.Neither do the suits.

Very simple and suit for cheat. As you know, we are good at cheating at poker, so that if you have any interest on cheating at poker card, you can contact us and we will offer you the best cheating device. By using the device, you can cheat at the poker game you want. If you want to cheat at dice, we have the tools, and if you want to cheat at mahjong, we can also offer you the just devices.

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