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Splitting pairs in Blackjack cheating trick
2013-06-28 19:41

Many of the cards games need a pair as a good poker hand. But not for all. If you are playing Blackjack and you get a pair of Ace, you may fail the game, how will you do? Here I will tell you to split pairs.

Any two cards that are identical except for suit may be treated as a pair.Also,any two cards each having a value of 10 may be treated as pairs,such as a ten and jack,jack and queen,queen and king,etc.

A player who receives two cards forming a pair or considered to be a pair on the initial round may,if he chooses,turn them face up and each card as the first card dealt in two seperate hands.This is called splitting pairs.When pairs are aplit,the player's original bet is placed on one of these cards and an equal amount must be bet on the other.

The player is then dealt one face-down card on the face-up card on his right, and he must play this hand out.If,in drawing to the first face-up card, he forms a pair again, he may again aplit pairs,betting an amount equal to his first card on this third hand.he may continue to split angy further pairs.

The first hand on the player's extreme right must be played to completion bofore the adjacent split hand is dealt a sencond card. Each split hand must be played out in its proper order from the player's right to his left.

When a player split a pair of aces,he is only permitted to draw one card to each split ace,giving him two cards in all.

If a pait(picture card) or ten or ace are part of a split hand and the player makes a two-card count of 21,this is not a natural and the player is paid off at even money.

To play blackjack, split pairs is only one of the way to cheat. As you all know, Blackjack, some time should add the cards, but if you know the next card's value, isn't it help you a lot? Cheating is so easy! If you always cheating from here to there, you can use our mobile phone monitor, by uing the device, you may know the cards that will be dealt out. So that you can decide need the card or not.


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