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The betting apparatus betting devices in the casino gambling
2013-06-28 19:42

The majority of all betting is done with chip s of diffeent colors.Most modern houses assign a different color to each player,thus eliminating any possibility of dispute between players as to ownership of a bet.For each color category of chips there is a matching smaller-sized chip,which is placed atop all ships of that in the rack to designate the price per stack of twenty chip-and, by extension,of course,the price per chip.

Example:The rack of white chips has on top of a smaller chip stamped with a munberal 5, signifying the stack si worth $5,the individual chips 25¢ each.

For each color too there is a flat abling marker which is given to a player if his funds don't place his remaining money on all his cards.This marker represents the same amount of money he has placed elsewhere on the table ,and any action as to either or any of his bets taken from his actual or chips.

Example:The player wants to bet $5 on the jind and $5on the 8,but has only $5in chips.
He places his $5 chips on one card and a marker on the other card. Should eigher of the cards lose,the dealer takes his $5 chips,and the marker becomes void.If a marker is used to signify a bet, there must be a bet of actual chips or cash to match in color elsewhere on the table.

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