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The casekeeper to do the card cheat
2013-06-28 19:43

As the dealer proceeds to make the turns,the casekeeper with his peculiar gadger keeps a record of each card that has received action and whether it was a winner or a loser.

For instance,if the first 7 dealt is a loser,the first button or marker on the spindle of the 7 is slid down to touch the other end of the frame. Should it be a winner,the marker is moved down the spindle,but no until it touches the frame;a space of about half-inch is left between frame and marker.If the next 7 is a loser,the next marker is moved down to touch the first.If the next 7 is a winner,the same small space is left between the two.This goeson until four of that kind are dealt from of the box.wherwupon all four markers are pushed down together to touch the frame.signifying to the players that there will be on more action on that number in taht deal.

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From the casekeeper's record the player can tell at all time how many cards are left in the box awaiting their turn,what their denomination is,and whether preceding cards of that rank won or lost. On the basus of this record mangy players develop and constantly play occult"systems."


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