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How to know the values of the cards
2013-06-29 19:40

Some poker games have no contact with the poker suits such as Baccarat and Blackjack. You just need the value of the card is enough. How do you know the value of the cards that face down? There are many ways to let you know:

The cards have no special value relative to each other,and neither do the suits.


To win a bet that a selected one of four faced-up cards on the table will be matched before one of the three other cards.(A card is matched whenever one of thr remaining three cards of the same denomination is dealt from the pack.)Example:Faced up on the table are the ace,2,3,and 4 of clubs.The player puts his bet on the ace,placing his money in such a way that it just touches the deuce as well.He is now betting that one of the three aces will be dealt from the pack before one of the three remaining deuces.

We can do the mark on the card to let yourself know the value of the cards, or use contact lenses with back marked card to know the value of the cards and monitor system with back marked cards to know the value of the cards and the analyzer will tell you each card's value. To konw the cards' values is not so hard to us. If you want to know, please contact us and we will let you know the values of the cards when face down in poker gambling.

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