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Marking crds during play with ointment
2013-06-29 19:41

Cheats are scientists.When they can’t work their pre-markded cards into a game-which is what they would much prefer to do-they proceed methodically to mark the cards during the game.This is,to be sure,more dangerous than using cards already markde,but it is not so dangerous as playing with an honest deck.


Pressing his thumbnail into the edge of a card,the cheater maker a small identifying mark which can be seen from across the table.He has to put this mark at precisely the same relative position on opposite edges of the card so that,no matter how the card is held,the nailing will appear.


In this variety of play-as-you-go card marking the practiced fingers of the gambler skillfully bend the card,over on finger and under the other,leaving an identifying"wave."The position of the wave indicates the value of the card.
(To detect nailing or waving,square upthe whole pack and look at the edges.The marking will stand out unmistakably.)

Marking cards during play is a hard work. How to do mark? You can use our ointment to mark the card whenever you want. Use the ointment marking cards, others can not see the mark, but you can see it clearly from a certain degree. This is very suitable for normal cards. You mark the cards you want and you will know where the cards be.


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