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Introduction of The Kitty
2013-06-29 19:52

To begin,each player drops in a cup to start the kitty a chip equal in value to a nickel.

Should a player hold ten cards of the same suit,whether or not in sequence,that’s a ten-card meld and is called Mississippi,and the melder gets a 20$ bonus from each other player;but she must put 20$ in the kitty,which goes on growing for the winner.

Should a player go Rummy without picking a card,that’s a dream,and each other player pays the player 20$,whereupon she must put 20$ in the kitty.

Should a player go Rummy,she gets 10$ from each other player,and must put 10$ in the kitty.

Should a player score an underknock (having fewer points than the knocker),the knocker must pay the underknocker 20$ and the underknocker collect 5$ from each other player.Underknocker then must put 10$ in the kitty.

Should a player knock with 5 points for fewer,she collects 5$ from each other player and puts 5$ in the kitty.

These bonuses have nothing to do with the scoring of the game.They’re extras,They are there for the sheer thrill of it.

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