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Make good use of the dealer to cheat at poker
2013-06-29 19:53

The dealer playes an very important roles in the poker gambling. All cards should be dealt from the dealer. And do you think a dealer can be a cheater? And if he is a cheater, how to use him?

The dealer gives herself the first card,then deals to the left,clockwise,one at a time,ten cards to each player except the dealer,who gets eleven cards.The rest of the cards are put face down on the table to constitute the stock.

If the entire stock is exhausted without any player’s knocking or going Rummy,the discards are shuffled and cut,the top card is faced up to start the new discard pile,and the rest of the cards become the new stock.

The way you want to use the dealer to cheat for you, is to do hand trick. He will help you to deal the bottom card, the second card, the middle card. Or then use cheating device together with the dealer. He can help you to hide some cheating devcie part. Dealer is a good cheater in the game, make good use of them, you will win the game.

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