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Simple card trick and cheaing guide
2013-06-29 19:57

Never think you will win the game by luck. All poker games can be cheated by many means. If you know the profound of the cheating, it is not so hard to explain that you are always fail in the poker game. Here I will introduce you some skills on taking or passing the first card in a poker game.

Let’s say the upcard(assuming you’re playing Turn-up Gin)is the 3 of herats.It does not gives you a meld.Does that mean that you should pass it without question?Not at all.It may be worth taking if it helps your hand even though it does not give you a meld.If you reduce your hand by getting rid of a useless high card or if it gives you a likely combination-say you have the 4 of hearts and the 3 of clubs-it may be well worth while because you have the extra advantage of deceiving or puzzling your opponent.

Are you losing a turn,giving up a chance to pick a really helpful card by taking a slightly helpful one?Not at all.You have your choice of passing and not helping your hand at all or helping your hand a little,confusing your opponent a little,and also perhaps depriving him of a chance to improve his hand.

Remember,however,that when your opponent is first,he also may be taking the first card to deceive you.

Cheating at a game will help you win the game easily. You may always fail in the game, as you don't know how to cheat, contact us and we will let you know every thing in cheating. To be a cheater and to win the game and to get a lot of money!

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