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Bottom-card peek in the poker gambling
2013-07-02 13:42
  A gambler should know many about the poker cheat. You should know the way to cheat at the game, and the way to prevent others from cheating, you should also know the card trick in the poker gambling. Bottom-card peek is widely used in the poker gambling trick by hand. 
  This peek is made in the act of squaring the sides of the pack. It usually follows a shuffle or a cut.
  The pack is held in the left hand, the thumb along the left side, the second, ring, and little fingers at the right side, and the index finger lying across the width of the bottom card, at the front end. The right hand holds the pack from above, fingers in front, thumb at the inner end. Now one of two things happens: either the left hand moves backward and forward, so that the left thumb and fingers can square the sides of the pack, or the left hand remains still and the right hand moves the pack forward and back. In eistill and the right hand moves the pack forward and back. In either case, the left index finger maintains upward pressure on the bottom card, causing it to buckle at the inner end, and bringing the index into view. this is one of those moves that seems like it should be obvious to any one paying attention. In fact, it is invisible from all angles and is over in a trice.
  Knowing the bottom card won’t affect every hand, but when it does come into play with the discovery, for example, that an opponent will not be getting that last ace it’s gold.
  There are other ways to know the bottom cards such as using poker analyzer and marked cards. By using analyzer, you can know more than 10 pieces of the cards from bottom. The analyzer will let you know the suits and values by earphone. It is very suit for you to cheat at some of the cards.
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