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How to mark cards for analyzer
2013-07-02 13:44
  A well packed deck of cards can be marked on the edge of the cards. How can it be done? Let read the folloing words:
  Just because a deck of cards comes out of a box with cellophane and seal intact doesn’t mean it hasn’t been marked or messed with. Cheats have more than one way to sneak a deck of cards out of a sealed box and back in again without leaving signs of forced entry. The trick is to leave the usual point of entry intact and find another way in. the process is known as skinning the deck.
  The work: the first step is to remover the box from the cellophane without opening the pull-strip. A very direct way is to cut a three-sided trap door into the cellophane at the bottom of the box using a scalpel or x-acto knife. The case is then slid out, leaving the wrapper more or less intact. To enter the box, the cheat slides the scalpel under the flap on one of the long sides, and draws the blade from one end to the other, breaking the glue seal. The flap, which has tabs at both ends, can now be pulled down and the cards removed and marked.
  The cards are then re-cased, the tabs inserted under the top and bottom flaps, and the long flap is glued back in place with white glue or rubber cement. The box is slipped back into the cellophane and the trap door attached to the bottom of the box using a few dots of transparent glue, such as Krazy glue. While cellophane resealed this way will not withstand careful scrutiny, it usually doesn’t have to. Unless there is reason to suspect foul play, most players pay no attention to the bottom of the box. What counts is that the pull-strip and the manufacturer’s are intact. Some cheats, however, go the extra mile and actually unwrap and rewrap the box without making any cuts. This is extremely difficult to do without damaging the cellophane. Quality card manufacturers, such as the U. S. playing card company- makers of bee, bicycle, tally-ho, and other popular brands-use wrapping and gluing procedures engineered to thwart this king of tampering. But, with a great deal of care, it can be done.
   By using this way, the marked cards for analyzer can be done by the factory. You can send your own cards here to process and no matter the cards plastic or paper. The barcode or marks on can be done on four sides. You can let the cards toward the camera in either side.
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