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Trick of fifty-one card deck and poker smoothsayer
2013-07-03 16:56

The fifty one card trick, from the title you will know that the trick is done by using fifty one pieces of poker cards. How will it be done? Or is there any other cheating methods to cheat at poker cards?

If this one seems amateurish,so it is;but it is one of the commonest and least hazardous of cheating devices.Even when detected it doesn’t rowel up suspicion.

When removing the new deck from the box the cheat leaves one card in the box.The cheat hnows what card that is.

The advantage appears trivial.It is?Let’s see.Let’s suppose that the card left unnoticed in the box is the 8 of diamonds.What can it do for him?

First,he will rarely try to make a meld of 8’s,because he knows that the chances are only 25 per cent of normal.Second,he knows-and you don’t-that the chance of getting a meld in a sequence involving the 8 of diamonds is zero.There are three such melds:the 6-7-8,the 7-8-9.and the 8-9-10.Plus the three melds of 8’s in which the diamond would figure,it totals six dead melds out of a total of 104 melds in the game.It is a terrific advantage.

And there is a further refinement.If,during the play of the hand,you should find the missing card in the box the cheat will proceed to berate you."Why,"he'll say,if he knows his business,"why didn't you take them all out when we started?"-and,having forgotten who did take them out,you'll mumble your apologies.

The way to protect yourself against this infantile ruse is to count the cards before starting to play.More candid yet,look in the box.

The other way to cheat at poker cards is to use poker smoothsayer. By using the poker smoothsayer, you will know the result before cards dealing. poker smoothsayer have the same effections as poker analyzer, it also needs camera lens as its input device. And the poker cards should be  processed at the edge of the cards with barcodes.

These are suit for playing Texas Omaha hold'em, Blackjack, Showhand, Lowball, and many other local games in the world.

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