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Hiding a card cheat and poker change converter
2013-07-03 16:57

There are many ways to cheat at poker card games. One of the way is to hide a card. And there are also more than two methods to do this: One way is to do it by hand, the other way is to use poker change converter.

This is about an old and fully as sand-lot as baseball’s hidden-ball trick.Like the hidden-ball trick,it has a way of working entirely too often.After your opponent hsa knocked,helays down his melds,face up,just as the rules provide.His unmatched cards he likewise lays down,face up,right there in front of you.

But under his meld he has concealed an unmatched high card.

It works,unless you glance again at his cards and detect the shortage.Always count your opponent’s cards to certify that he has exposed ten of them face up.

Poker change converter can also help you to complete this cheat. First you should steal a card from the deck, and insert it into the poker change converter. After you get your cards in hand, and find that in-hand poker is not so good as you want, change it and you will get the better poker hand. There are many kinds of poker change converter: T-shirts, shirts, wallet, bag, table, money stack and so on. You can also tell us where you want to hide in the poker change converter, we can do for you.

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