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Tell us your reqirement perspective poker with contact lens
2013-07-03 17:00

To cheat at Gin Rummy with perspective poker and contact lens, will help you a lot in the poker gambling. With the perspective poker and contact lens, you can see the mark on the back of the cards clearly. Every mark stands for a certain value and suits. On reading the marks, you know the cards. Six-card Rummy game also can be cheated by the device.

1,This is a regular six-card straight Rummy game.There may be from two to six players,including the banker who is called the book.The game's terminology deriver from Craps and the horse race track.

2,The game is played with a standard fifty-two-card pack of playing cards.Two decks are kept on hand to allow change of decks at any player's demand.

3,The operator-another name for the banker or booksits in the game,and deals the first hand.Deal moves to the left clockwise.

Our factory can do the perspective mark both on plastic cards and paper cards. And the contact lens from China, Korea, USA etc, the contact lenses suit for all kinds of players. Both young and old, both men and women, both player or banker or dealer. It is very convenient for you to wear or to take off. Tell me your requirements and we can do right for you.

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