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Rules of Straight Rummy and poker smoothsayer in the cheatin
2013-07-03 17:03

1,Before any deal,the banker shuffles the deck,then hands it to the dealer to be shuffled again.This is ,bluntly,to minimize the chance of cheating.The rules of Straight Rummy apply.

2,Before the cards are dealt,players may make two different kinds of bets against the banker:

A. They may bet any amount within the limit on spades.That means they may bet that in the first round of cards dealt the player will hold a space higher in rank than any spade dealt the banker.

Nonplayers around the table,or kibitzers if you inist,can bet on any player’s hand against the banker too.

First bet is a free bet.No charge is made against it.

But all bets over $2 after the first deal are taxed.

Any $2 bet by any player is a free bet.

But if a player bets any amount over $2 that his spade will be higher than the banker’s,he must pay a 5 per cent charge on the anmount over the $2 limit.

B. A player may bet that he will call correctly the rank and suit of two cards out of the first six dealt him before he picks from the stock or discard pile.

From the rules of Straight Rummy, it is not so hard to see that if you want to cheat at it, we can do you a fevor to use poker analyzer, or monitor system to acheive. To cheat at the game is as easy as many other games. If you want to cheat at it, please contact us and we will give you the advice.

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